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Digital Terrestrial TV Coverage & Reception Database Coverage Database
Estimated Coverage of Digital Terrestrial
Television (29 transmitting stations)
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Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting of
Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

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Welcome to the Government's digital TV website, which contains information about digital TV and how you can switch to digital.

Digital TV improves reception, offers better picture and sound quality, yields higher spectrum efficiency, and enables new applications such as high-definition TV (HDTV), interactive TV and datacasting services.

Digital TV is being offered by all pay TV operators in Hong Kong via cable, satellite and broadband network. As for terrestrial TV, the Government announced in July 2004 the implementation framework for digital terrestrial TV (DTT). The terrestrial TV broadcasters launched DTT on 31 December 2007. The current coverage reaches 99% of the population across the 18 districts. Subject to a review in 2017-18, the Government aims to switch off analogue broadcasting in 2020.

Digital switchover is the process where the terrestrial TV broadcasters launch DTT services and viewers equip themselves at their own costs with the necessary devices (e.g., set-top boxes or integrated TV sets) to receive DTT. Ultimately, DTT will replace analogue TV broadcasting. The community as a whole is set to derive enormous benefits from digital switchover:

  • It will solve reception problems (e.g., snowing or ghosting);

  • It will enhance programming choice and improve audio-visual quality for viewers;

  • Broadcasters will be able to explore more business opportunities and test out new services on the digital platform (e.g., interactive television services);

  • The consumer electronics industry will benefit from consumer demand for digital products; and

  • Analogue switch-off will free up spectrum for more TV and other communications services, commonly referred to as "digital dividend".

The success of digital switchover hinges on the cooperation of all stakeholders, including consumers, broadcasters, consumer electronics industry, and the Government, etc. After the successful launch of DTT in 2007, the Government is collaborating with the relevant industries to ensure a seamless switchover process in subsequent years.

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Bullet File Re-tune your digital terrestrial TV (DTT) receiver for watching a new free DTT programme channel

Bullet File To enjoy watching new free digital terrestrial TV (DTT) programme channels, make sure you have re-tuned your DTT receiver

Bullet File Re-tune your digital terrestrial television (DTT) receiver to get new updated DTT programme channels

Bullet File Working target for analogue switch-off changed to 2020

Bullet File Communications Authority approved revision of the Generic Code of Practice on TV Technical Standards on digital terrestrial TV (DTT) and the application of a replacement of ATV’s DTT programme channel

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