Full Digital TV Broadcast

Free TV broadcasting will enter an era of full digitalisation.

Analogue switch-off will be on 30 November 2020 [23:59].

Why switch to full digital TV broadcast?

Full digital TV broadcast is a worldwide trend. Hong Kong may use the spectrum vacated after analogue switch-off for developing high value-added mobile telecommunications services.

Digital TV broadcasting has better picture quality without “snowing” or “ghosting” reception problems.

Current free TV broadcasting in Hong Kong

The four free TV broadcasters are providing a total of 12 digital channels. Five of them, i.e. “RTHK TV 31A”, “RTHK TV 33A”, “Hong Kong Open TV”, “Jade” and “Pearl”, are simulcasting in both analogue and digital formats. Upon full digital TV broadcast, these five analogue channels will be switched off.