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   Chronology of DTV in Hong Kong

Time Activity
December 1998 Policy decision on introduction of DTT after the 1998 Review of TV Policy
January 2000 HKCTV commenced digitization of cable TV
December 2000 First consultation on DTT implementation framework
February 2002 TV Plus commenced digital satellite TV
Yes TV commenced digital broadband TV
September 2003 PCCW VOD (presently PCCW Media) commenced digital broadband TV
December 2003 Second consultation on DTT implementation framework
February 2004 Galaxy (presently TVB Network Vision) commenced digital satellite TV
June 2004 TV Plus and Yes TV surrendered licences
July 2004 Policy decision on DTT implementation framework
December 2005 The Broadcasting Authority (now Communications Authority) approved the investment plans for DTT programme services of the terrestrial TV broadcasters
June 2007 The Telecommunications Authority (now Communications Authority) decided to adopt the National Standard as the transmission standard for DTT in Hong Kong
December 2007 The terrestrial TV broadcasters commenced simulcast
August 2008 Achieved 75% DTT coverage
2020 Working target to switch off analogue TV broadcasting
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